Here's what people are saying about Essential Jewish Learning:

"I love how when we're sitting in synagogue, my son is familiar with the ideas behind that week's Torah portion. It really helps to make the service clearer and more meaningful for him."
Melissa Church

Here's what people are saying about Founding Instructor Rudy Stoler:

"Rudy brings a positive attitude to every project/endeavor and an enthusiasm for his subject matter that is contagious and genuine... Our son adores Rudy and has absorbed his enthusiasm for Jewish knowledge and has observed his high moral and ethical character."
Hilary Benjamin
"Rudy Stoler is a phenomenal teacher. He is knowledgeable and passionate about Judaism. Rudy is an effective, creative, patient, and encouraging educator in person and online. My 14-year-old daughter has been a student of Rudy's for two years. He tutored her as she prepared for her Bat Mitzvah ceremony. (He also tutored and my husband and me as we prepared to chant from the Torah at her ceremony.)

"After our daughter's Bat Mitzvah ceremony, she and Rudy continued to work together. They studied each section of the Amidah, learned about the prophets, and discussed Jewish rituals. Rudy taught her about the parsha each week in an online class, always offering additional enrichment for each child at his or her own level. My daughter always enjoyed learning from him."
Jennifer Rudick Zunikoff