Rudy Stoler, M.A.

Rudy Stoler

In Fall 2017, a group of parents approached me to create an online parshah study-group for their children. By happy coincidence, I had spent the previous year learning how to design & teach courses online and had just completed a certification course with the Online Judaic Studies Consortium.

My goal was to craft an educational environment that engaged my students in active group learning and essential Jewish texts. The class, which began with three students, was a great success and continues to be my favorite course.

My top priority as an educator is to make sure each of my students discovers the joy of learning that I have encountered with my own teachers and with my students. I’ve developed my teaching style through working with hundreds of students (both as a classroom teacher and as a one-on-one tutor) in Jewish schools throughout the Baltimore region.

I hold MA degrees in Jewish Studies and in Leadership in Jewish Education & Communal Service from Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University.

Fun Fact: I am also a certified archery instructor.

Rudy as Archery Instructor