Mitzvot in the Real World

Rudy Stoler
Halakhic Questions in a Classroom
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  • 17 lessons
  • 5 quizzes
  • 16 week duration
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Have you ever wondered…

  • How do laws of kashrut respond to new innovations in food technology?
  • What does “do not place a stumbling-block before the blind” have to do with friendship?
  • What is the proper balance between protecting the environment and providing for our needs?

Each week, study a different sector of halakhah, Jewish legal reasoning, and how it can help us understand modern-day problems. We begin with current questions from rabbinic discussions and news bulletins, identify relevant biblical and halakhic texts, and study how contemporary rabbis have approached the problems.  



  • Explore the Sea of Talmud
  • Develop logical reasoning skills
  • Debate with peers
  • Navigate Jewish legal resources online
  • Apply study of Mitzvot to contemporary news



  • Meets weekly via webcam
  • Students debate applications of mitzvot via peer-to-peer discussion forums
  • Reading assignments to prepare for class (approximately 20 minutes/week)
  • Ages 13-16

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