Big Ideas on the Weekly Parshah Year Two

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Have you ever wondered… What can Isaac’s story teach us about dealing with psychological trauma? What role does dream interpretation have in Jewish literature? How do memorials, like the jar of manna in the Tabernacle, build Jewish self-understanding?

Join us as we study the parshah week-by-week in a webcam-based classroom. You will read selections from the parshah in Hebrew and in English and delve into some of the greatest commentaries and tales on the Torah. You will also experience the Torah as a visual text, analyzing how classic artists have interpreted the text in their work.

Between class sessions, you will also post textual and/or artistic reflections on the big ideas of the parshah to a class discussion board where you and your classmates can further your exploration of the Torah’s meaning.

Year two focuses on recognition and application of trope (cantillation) in the study of the parshah

Aleppo Codex



  • Reading biblical text in Hebrew & English
  • Introductory level biblical commentary & Midrash
  • Mechanics of trope (cantillation)
  • Reflection on biblical art
  • Peer-to-peer application of biblical lessons


  • Meets weekly via webcam
  • Students interact between classes with peer-to-peer reflections and discussions on the parshah
  • Ages 10-11
  • Genesis / Bereishiot
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  • Exodus / Shemot
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  • Leviticus / Vayiqra
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  • Numbers / Bemidbar
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  • Deuteronomy / Devarim
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