Courses Offered

Big Ideas from the Weekly Parshah

What can Isaac’s story teach us about dealing with psychological trauma? What role does dream interpretation have in Jewish literature? How do memorials, like the jar of manna in the Tabernacle, build Jewish self-understanding? This class introduces students to text-based study of the Bible, using Hebrew & English commentaries as well as classic art to study different ways of interpreting each week's Torah portion.
Some Hebrew reading required (translations are provided)
Structured for ages 10-12

Heroic Leaders & Wondrous Miracles: Book of Judges

Set in the formative years of Jewish society, the Book of Judges features a whirlwind of Jewish leaders whose character traits resonate across the ages. Study them in text, folklore, and art. Using digital media, we will map their journeys, compare their styles of leadership, and craft new versions of their stories.
Featured Judges: Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, Jephtah, & Samson
Structured for ages 13-18

Halakhic Questions in a Classroom

Mitzvot in the Real World

Have you ever wondered... How do laws of kashrut respond to new innovations in food technology? What does "do not place a stumbling-block before the blind" have to do with friendship? What is the proper balance between protecting the environment and providing for our needs? Mitzvot in the Real World asks students to explore how halakhah, Jewish legal reasoning, can help us understand modern-day problems. Prompted by questions from modern rabbis, students probe classical Jewish legal texts and contemporary approaches.
Major units: Jewish Identity, Vices, Social Relations, & the Environment
Structured for ages 13-18

Ephraim Moses Lilien

Women of the Scrolls: Ruth & Esther

Course under construction. Check back soon!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Getting ready for your child's entry into the age of Jewish young adulthood? In one-on-one study sessions, the tutor works with your child to build and strengthen skills that will help him or her grow into a mature Jewish young adult. Subjects covered:

  • Torah & Haftarah Trope (Chanting)
  • Biblical Text Study
  • Participating in & Leading Prayer Services
  • Crafting Divrei Torah (Bar/Bat Mitzvah Speech)
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects